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Security is the #1 Priority

Keeping your endpoints and end-users secure.

From protecting your people and assets from breaches and malicious activity to maintaining GDPR compliance, we know how crucial IT security is for your organization. In fact, it’s on the top of almost every CIO’s short list. That’s why we have security experts dedicated to incorporating the right technology and processes to your security posture.

Crossfuze IT Security Services and Monitoring is designed to identify security threats and mitigate them before they create downtime. Spend more time running your business and less time worrying about threats to your networks.

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Stand-Out IT Security Services

Our seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, and problem management makes it easier to run your business, securely.

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Business Process Expertise

With an emphasis on smooth business process workflows and change management, Crossfuze will deploy our full toolset of security solutions to protect your networks and devices.

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Real World Security

Our security solutions are kept up to date with customer-specific vulnerability imports and business rules.

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Technology & Industry Insight

Leverage our expert recommendations on ever-evolving technologies and their various applications. Extensive experience in healthcare, government, and corporate environments.

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Evolving Business Evolving Risks

With real-world security experience coupled with our enterprise-level functionality, we’re experts in customer-specific vulnerability imports, business rules, and integrations with multiple tools. Our seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, and problem management makes it easier to run your business securely.

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Device Monitoring

From laptops, desktops, and phones, to POS machines and tablets, you specify the host devices and we’ll configure monitoring according industry best practices. We populate dedicated, client-specific event handling instructions within the Knowledge Base, with 24/7 event review and classification in the Crossfuze ITSM toolset. We review events and escalate them to Incidents as required, with relevant handoff to your identified contacts for advanced troubleshooting.

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Event Handling

When you work with Crossfuze, you get digital maturity on day one. We’ve spent years investing in our technology platform, training and managing our staff from across different domains and skill levels, and layering the most effective processes on top of it all. With custom reports and real-time dashboards, our distinctive platform keeps our analysts ahead of your needs.

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