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Customers today, both internal and external, expect a digitally connected experience. Service needs to be everywhere, all the time, on every platform – and that extends to your IT help desk. It needs to be convenient. It needs to be personalized. It needs to be secure. It needs to be connected.

We help our customers serve their internal and external end-users on our broad services platform. Our 24/7 Service Desk is more than just an IT help desk. We have analysts competent in both technical skill and customer service, and we leverage ServiceNow to drive continuous improvement, help our customers reduce costs over time, make a tangible business impact, and provide value to their end-users – all available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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Powered by ServiceNow

ServiceNow is at the core of our Service Desk operations. Learn how we use this powerful platform every day to deliver superior service and an increasingly effortless experience.


More than Just an IT Help Desk

Crossfuze’s 24/7 Service Desk provides the expertise needed to support your end-user computing environment:

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Concierge-Level Service, 24/7/365

With Crossfuze’s 24/7 Service Desk, you’re getting a purpose-built, personalized experience, from how we answer the phones to how we address individual issues. Seamlessly integrated with your team, our agents ensure your end-users always have the same high-end experience no matter who they interact with during their session. Need a solution fast? With Crossfuze, you’ll gain full digital maturity in as little as 6 weeks.

Instant Digital Maturity, IT Managed Services, Crossfuze

Instant Digital Maturity and Scale

Crossfuze leverages the best enterprise-grade technology in the industry, deploying software from ServiceNow, Microsoft, Calabrio, Cisco, and more. On top of that, we’ve amassed a knowledge library consisting of thousands of best practice templates as well as on-demand resources across levels, domains, and technology. That’s how Crossfuze is able to provide instant digital maturity at a scale that fits your needs.

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Continuous Improvement

We’ve designed our pricing structure to align with your goals, driving us to reduce the number of issues your users ultimately have. That means fewer tickets, happier users for you, and pushes us to constantly improve our service to maximize the value of your investment – all while providing transparent reporting and analytics to highlight recurring points and provide proven remediation options.

The IT Help Desk, Re-imagined

Learn how Crossfuze has taken the 24/7 Service Desk to the next level.

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Onshore, Offshore, and Hybrid Solutions

Crossfuze has staff located in North America as well as offshore, which enables us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of every client.

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How We Deliver Instant IT Maturity

With the technology available today, IT can resolve incidents at their source, help end users do their job easier and better, and also impact the bottom line of the business. That’s the model we embrace here at Crossfuze. Going beyond taking calls and resolving tickets, we help our customers create a better environment to work in.

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We Made the Investment, So You Don’t Have To

When you work with Crossfuze, you get digital maturity on day one. Our state-of-the-art technology platform enables us to provide a top tier service desk, 24/7/365. We’ve spent years investing in our technology platform, training and managing our staff from across different domains and skill levels, and layering the most effective processes on top of it all. With custom reports and real-time dashboards, our distinctive platform keeps our analysts ahead of your needs.

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Our Unique Processes Lower Ticket Volume and Costs over Time

At Crossfuze we have extensive experience working alongside our customers to stop issues from happening in the first place. Because we attach Knowledge Base articles to every incident we process in our ServiceNow ITSM platform, we ensure repeatable service, predictability, and root cause analysis and solutions. Our commitment to continuous improvement results in lower ticket volume, lower costs, and higher user satisfaction.

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