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Proactively support and secure your organizations’ devices.

Our End-User Computing services will keep your endpoints up-to-date and secure, so you can embrace new user devices and an increasingly mobile workforce.

The proliferation of devices, paired with increasing end-user expectations, will require many organizations to augment their end-user and endpoint management practices to better serve their employees in the digital enterprise. Crossfuze’s End-User Computing services are a natural extension for any service desk model, leveraging the same core ITIL disciplines, tools, and governance models to maximize end-user satisfaction and productivity.

Together, your service desk and our solutions form a comprehensive framework that provides everything needed to support your end-user computing environment.

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Managing Assets in the Cloud Age

Digitally mature organizations are moving their end-user computing environment to the cloud to improve their security posture, meet rising employee expectations, and shift their focus from hardware to software. Leveraging cloud-based solutions can ease the burden of device replacement and reduce your end-users’ reliance on their physical devices for security and storage.

Crossfuze helps organizations make the transition to the cloud by providing expert end-user computing support. For instance, if a laptop is lost or broken, you can simply wipe it and replace it with a new one. When the employee logs into their profile on the new device, everything from their files to their desktop icons will be as they were before the original device was compromised.

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End-User and Mobile
Device Support

Our team works 24/7 to ensure your end-users and mobile devices are always supported, no matter when or where they’re working or what device they’re working from. We identify and classify problems and investigate the root cause of issues across all your devices to ensure your people and technology are working properly and securely. And with our service desk available 24/7 for remote break-fix support, you can trust that your end-users will be able to focus on their work, not their devices.

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Endpoint Management

Our 100% US-based analysts can manage aspects of your endpoints in both PC and Mac environments. Our team of experts can support everything from the time sensitive activities like patching, upgrading, and device lifecycle management to implementing and helping you monitor your full security stack.

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Procurement and Lifecycle Management

Keeping your endpoints up-to-date is only part of the challenge companies face. Managing the full lifecycle of your devices ensures outdated hardware doesn’t open unnecessary risks for your organization. Crossfuze can manage the entire asset lifecycle, from procuring and imaging new devices as you need them, to proactively replacing devices as they reach the end of their lifecycle.

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Endpoint Security

As more mobile and IoT devices enter the workforce, it will be increasingly difficult to stay ahead of cyberthreats. We can help you implement and manage your Azure and EM+S environments to enable SSO and multifactor authentication at your organization. This makes it easier for your employees to use their preferred devices, securely.

From SCCM and Intune administration, to anti-virus and anti-malware management, to patch application, Crossfuze can keep your endpoints secure and up-to-date so you can focus on running your business.

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Alerting and Reporting

Crossfuze provides alerting and reporting services to help you monitor all the endpoints in your environment. These monthly reports track metrics like the number of endpoints in use, malware instances, and hard drive capacity.

We also set up alerts for low disk space notifications and antivirus issues. For example, if your antivirus service isn’t running or malware was detected that couldn’t be cleaned up, tickets will be automatically created in our ServiceNow instance so our team can track and address them quickly.

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