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Business Process Outsourcing in the Digital Era

Traditional operations and business process outsourcing models are being reinvented through digital workflows using automation, artificial intelligence, cloud, and other emerging technologies. To remain relevant and to grow, businesses must continuously improve their processes while considering customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike.

Explore our business process outsourcing services and discover how you can uncover greater efficiencies, improved workflows, and a better employee and customer experience with your organization.

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Customer Experience

We work directly with your end users, B2B or B2C

  • Customer Care
  • Service to Sales
  • Dispatching
  • Social Media Monitoring
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Back Office Support

We act as an extension of your internal team

  • Transaction Handling
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Sales and Ordering
  • Analysis and Reporting
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Technical Solutions

We support your entire IT environment

  • Help Desk
  • IT Operations and Monitoring
  • Service Providers
  • Supporting your SaaS

The Next Step for Your ServiceNow Journey

When we work with other organizations using ServiceNow, we’re able to quickly align our processes with theirs to start uncovering greater efficiencies.

Through our consulting and advisory services, we work with you to identify ways to optimize your ServiceNow instance. And through our top-tier partnerships with key industry leaders like ServiceNow and Microsoft, we provide ongoing analysis, recommendations, and even development services on those platforms to ensure our customers have the latest technology advancements working for them.

So when you bring Crossfuze on board, you benefit from the deep investment we’ve made in our people, processes, and technology. We’re focused on providing the best service possible to drive business value and growth.

World-class Service Delivered Worldwide

Driven by a central operations hub based in Manila, Philippines with remote support around the globe, our BPO solutions have the cutting-edge infrastructure and experience that are essential to delivering instant business process maturity at scale.

  • A long-standing presence in Manila surpassing 20 years
  • A robust team over 400 strong
  • Enterprise-level service unmatched in the industry
  • A secure and reliable facility, with PCI certification and redundant infrastructure, ISPs, and generator power

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

  • Leverage homebased agents outside of Manila for localized country and language support
  • Able to scale and create hybrid service operations
  • Specialize in smaller campaigns (5 – 100 agents)
  • Variety of billing and outsourcing arrangements

Business Process Outsourcing Success Resources


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