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IT Managed Services for the Digital Era

Customers today, both internal and external, expect a digitally connected experience. Service needs to be everywhere, all the time, on every platform. It needs to be convenient. It needs to be personalized. It needs to be secure. It needs to be connected. And this applies to not only your external customers as they engage with your brand and with your company, but to your employees and their experiences in the workplace as well.

In response to these transformational changes, Crossfuze’s mission is to help companies serve and be served in the digital age by leveraging the power of ServiceNow.

Unlike other IT Managed Services Providers, our Crossfuze platform is a combination of people, technology, processes, and customer experience mechanisms designed to accelerate digital maturity, with the ServiceNow platform at its core. And as a ServiceNow customer ourselves, we’ve crafted a unique approach to helping companies achieve success with ServiceNow that leverages our deep expertise with the platform.

Our purpose-built IT Managed Services suite spans a range of cloud and end-user service areas.

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Our Purpose-built IT Managed Services Suite

Our focus isn’t on simply handling events and tickets – we work 24/7 to drive continuous improvement for ourselves and for our clients. We’ve invested heavily in our people, processes, and technology in order to reduce incident volume over time and enhance your users experience.

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End-User Computing

Leverage core ITIL disciplines, tools, and governance to maximize end-user satisfaction and productivity.

End-User Computing

IT Help Desk, 24/7 Service Desk, IT Managed Services, Crossfuze

24/7 Service Desk

A 24/7 solution providing concierge-level support for your end-user computing environment.

24×7 Service Desk

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IT Operations

A comprehensive and flexible support and enhancement service for ServiceNow and Microsoft Cloud.

Learn about Crossfuze ManagedNow

IT Security and Monitoring, IT Managed Services, Icon, Crossfuze

Monitoring and Security

Specializing in vulnerability imports, business rules, incident review, and escalation.

Learn about Monitoring and Security

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Cloud Management Services

Management and optimization of cloud infrastructure, applications, and services.

Learn about Cloud Management Services

Managed Services for the Digital Era

Life of a Ticket

We train our analysts to “be an analyst, not an order taker.” This means they work to go deeper than the façade of the initial incident. For example, if an end-user needs their network password changed, we will assist with that, then help them update any other affected device or service like their Office credentials or the cached password on their phone.

Reporting, Analysis, and SLAs

Our goal is to uncover trends in your data. By spotting trends, we can identify areas of improvement and help you create a plan to implement changes. And it’s not always looking for “what went wrong.” We can spot positive trends in your data, determine what caused the changes in behavior, and help you roll out a process or training to continue to drive these positive results.

A Library of Knowledge

Our library of Knowledge Base articles serves as the front lines of our support solutions. It ensures swift and consistent resolution of requests. Rooted in best practices, these KB articles grow over time while also adapting to integrate client content.

Service Account Management

A Personal Experience, End to End. A dedicated Client Director is your advocate within Crossfuze. They help ensure that expectations are properly set and met, and that changes to delivery are properly communicated. The Client Director helps to ensure that customer-impacting problems are fully resolved and promotes continuous improvement by providing root-cause analysis reports in the event of service level failures.

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