Claim an Early Victory

Successfully implementing ServiceNow could be the biggest win of your career

Claim an Early ServiceNow Victory

Installing ServiceNow will test your project management skills. It’s a lot for one person to manage user and leadership expectations let alone numerous enhancements to workflows.

You also know that with an enterprise project failure rate of 75%, there is risk. This exposes you to disappointment, backlash from critics, and scrutiny from your boss. On the flip side, successfully implementing ServiceNow could be the biggest win of your career.

ServiceNow unifies workflows under a single, comprehensive management platform delivering visibility, optimizing costs, and modernizing services. You know that, but you need to prove that to others, and prove it quickly… you need an early victory.

ServiceNow implementation works best when it’s supported by a team that uses inventive thinking. Crossfuze has helped hundreds of companies evaluate and avoid the many risks along their ServiceNow journey.

We look at the enterprise with an architectural and functional mastery of ServiceNow. In short, we know it from the ground up. This allows us to come back with ideas you may not have considered and thus hidden value to uncover new profits. This gives you a win.

How to Fuel Your Victory Engine, Achieve incremental victories.

Upper management likes to see implementations within 90 days—we get it, and we help you deliver. Our methodology emphasizes getting systems up and running one at a time, so you’re continually building on past accomplishments and driving your own wins that further optimize the investment you made in ServiceNow.

Shorten the learning curve: Crossfuze will save your staff many frustrating, wasted hours trying to reinvent the wheel. We build outcomes on the shoulders of those before you.

Benefit from the Crossfuze Quickfuze Suite: Boosting the performance of an already best-in-class platform isn’t easy. Thankfully, we’ve developed Quickfuze applications that add meaningful capabilities onto your existing ServiceNow platform. Our ready-to-use code activates powerful, valuable functionalities, including optimized incident management processes, metrics reporting, and scheduled ticket closure functions in days or weeks rather than months. Crossfuze Quickfuze applications are user-inspired, user-tested, and user-approved.

Free up internal resources: Upper management frequently makes the case that you should use in-house resources first. But you can show that your in-house teams could be working on more general projects if ServiceNow specialists were in the picture. If safety, speed, and scalability matter to your company, this is an easy one.

Ensure success: ServiceNow offers a standard process for surveying new clients to rate their service experience and makes these scores available through its PartnerNow service. Crossfuze consistently earns among the highest CSAT scores. And if that isn’t enough, ask us about our project guarantee—the only one offered in the world.

What Our Clients Think

“Crossfuze laid the foundation for ServiceNow innovation from day one, helping us create meaningful value throughout our organization and taking us from a player in the market to a market leader. Without Crossfuze, we simply would never be where we are today.”

Michelle Brockney

Director Business Operations - Integration Partners

“Crossfuze’s visionary approach gives us confidence, knowing that every move we make with ServiceNow will drive transformative wins that matter to the entire organization, including our customers.”

Dan Andrews

Director, Emerging Technologies & Support - WOW Incorporated

“The team at Crossfuze has added tremendous value to our ServiceNow initiatives. They are always there to make sure we are staying true to our roadmap and accelerating our speed toward our ServiceNow vision.”

Naresh Samlal

Director, Mobility & Process Automation - VITAS Healthcare Corporation

“Working with Crossfuze is one of the joys of my development life. They consistently suggest solutions to problems that I would not have considered—and the solutions delivered are easy to maintain and to enhance. They are invaluable to our ongoing ServiceNow success.”

Mary Barrett

Application Architect - County of Ventura

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